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Welcome to AZEE Securities...

AZEE Securities (Pvt) limited is committed to design distinctive financial market solutions with an exhaustive comprehension of the spirit of the financial market trends. As a multi-dimensional, equity sales and consultancy firm, we aspire to revitalize and magnify the orb of services in today’s financial market.

About us

AZEE Securities (Pvt) limited welcomes synergistic relationships developed between ourselves and our numerous business associates. Through intensive research and development, we strive to constantly refine projects and ideas for our clients. We grow with the global financial development and nourish ourselves with a sharp perception of the world and its evolution.

AZEE Securities (Pvt) Ltd. has converged financial & investment services to provide immaculate service to its client base. In order to facilitate our clients from all dimensions, we provide services to our valued clients through all communication mediums available till date which includes GPRS enabled Mobile Trading, SMS based Trading & Internet based Trading.

Amidst economic and financial uncertainties, AZEE Securities comes to the rescue and takes control of your financial assets in the most meticulous fashion that leaves you nothing but satisfied. With a plethora of external factors affecting the volatility of the market, it is imperative to channelize your investments in a methodical and organized manner. The virtual world of AZEE Securities provides a pedestal where you, as an investor, can be in command of all your investment and financial needs.


AZEE Securities (Pvt) limited is an ever-growing service-based company that is accoutered with the acumen of handling all financial undertakings providing avenues in the most significant component of our financial market; the Stock Exchange. Our reputation is built on a commitment to providing solutions to clients to find the possibilities of investment in the growing market. Since the inception of our company in 2003, we have grown extensively and expanded our prime resource - our expertise.

Over the years, we have gained an array of diversified clients with one thing in common; they always expect excellence from us. Our clients are uncompromising and erudite since they exclusively trade on the Karachi Stock Exchange. Regardless of their individual goals or strategies, our clients’ needs always come first.

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