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Retail Investments

Welcome to Value Start from Azee Securities Pvt Ltd. Investing is essential in life, but investing smart and at the right time makes all the difference. Make this your Value Start to investing.

Azee Securities Pvt Ltd is a full-service financial services provider and advisory firm. By establishing deep relationships with clients and taking time to understand their individual needs.

We provide end-to-end equity solutions to individual Investors and Active traders.

Clients can walk into our investment centers nearest to them or call their designated dealer on phone. Net savvy customers can execute their own trades online or use our centralized phone trade desk.

Research and investment ideas can be accessed by clients either through designated dealers at our Investment centers, Phone trade dealers or on the website. Clients can also opt for our push services through which we make research and trading calls available on e-mail and SMS.

You can even customize your trading experience by choosing any of our 3 online trading platforms, depending on your trading needs. Our Relationship managers, Trading calls and various Advisory reports help your trading experience to take informed decisions. Azee Securities is committed to help you do that. We deliver State-of-the-art Tools and Innovative Technology so you can follow your own path. Need based solutions that are what our Product Bouquet is all about.

Branch Locator:

All you have to do is walk into any of our branches across cities in Pakistan to get a host of trading related services - our friendly customer service staff will also help you with any accounts related queries you may have.

Azee Securities Branch offers the following services:

  • Live Market Information
  • Online Trade execution.
  • Daily trading calls based on Technical Analysis.
  • Personalized Advice.
  • Daily research reports and market reviews.
  • Pre-market Report
  • IPO's
  • Internet-based Online Trading
Institutional Proffer

We are respected by our institutional clients (comprising mutual funds, insurance companies, and banks) for our ethics, efficient execution in the all segments, good quality advisory and complete compliance with stock exchange regulations.

Our corporate access activities include regular hosting of round table conferences, one-on- one & group meetings as well as Conference Calls with CEOs, CFOs and other senior management personnel of companies and senior government bureaucrats both, within and outside our coverage universe.

Besides Wealth Management division is a full service investment advice and equity broking arm, which aims to provide research based portfolio advice to its select group of High Net worth and Corporate clients.

We have the support of our in-house corporate research team providing consolidated research across market.

The team keeps continuous track of the macro economic situation, inflation, interest rate movements, industry/corporate performance, various opportunities available in different markets/products. The aim is to provide exclusive single point wealth creation services to our privileged clients through a dedicated execution platform and relationship manager.

Additionally, clients can have online access to their investment portfolios and account holdings.

Our clients enjoy the benefit of being serviced from anywhere in Pakistan, since we are present in all the major cities in the country.

Online Trading

Welcome users to broking information site. We would be delighted to provide you our personalized services to facilitate execution of your buy and sell orders (both equity and debt securities) in a flawless and swift manner on the exchange of your choice, as we operate on KSE. You can trade even in Regular & Future markets in KSE.

Online trading tools help you put your plan into action delivers innovative, powerful online trading tools to help you spot potential market opportunities and implement your unique trading strategy. At, you can monitor the market and easily manage information to make informed trading decisions. uses some of the most advanced trading technology available to help independent investors pursue their financial goals. Take a look at our online trading tools that you can only find in your account.

You can either download our forms from the Registration form or directly get in touch with our relationship executive and based on the discussion with you, we will deliver to you the following forms to be filled in and returned along with the required enclosures:

You would return the forms duly filled in along with the enclosures to our branch where you would like to open your account for trading. The Branch Manager will discuss with you about your investments and portfolio and understand your specific requirements.

Online Services to Suit your Needs!


Key Features of Online Trading with Azee Trade.

  • Freedom from paperwork
  • Instant credit and money transfer
  • Trade from any net enabled PC
  • Online orders on the phone
  • Timely advice and research reports
  • Real-time Portfolio tracking
  • Information and Price alerts
  • Detail Quotes & Bulk Order Execution.

Want to know what Stock Market is all about?

Have you been wondering about how all this works? Well, you don't need to fret any more - the Azee Live is a brand new program designed especially for those who are new to investing in shares. All you have to do is open an AZEE Live Account and we'll guide you through the investing process.

Been in the business for over 10 years, Azeetrade can provide you with the assistance and the advice like no one else could. We've created special information tools for you, to help answer any queries you may have.

Let the experts guide you!

Always wanted help on what the stock market is all about? Azeetrade is designed especially for those who are new to investing in shares. All you have to do is open a Azee Live account and we'll guide you through the investing process.

Business Partner

What is a partner? I asked myself this question 13 years back when we started business as a sub-broker for another broking firm. At that time the facility offered to us by our broker was restricted to just helping us clear trades and process payment. Was this all that partnership had to offer? No. Partnership needs to go well beyond mere contractual obligations. Partnership; like life; is an echo. What you send out, you get back. What you give, you get. A true partnership is about creating a value for value relationship. It's about co-ownership of the business. It's about having the passion to go that extra mile. And it's about being feeling a part of a family. When we created our own Business Partner model; we based it on the principle that innovating and deepening our relationship would be at the heart of our partnership model philosophy. The reason why we were one of the first brokerages to provide research based solid advice to our business partners. Why we provided an exchange interface and the technology for trading and back office access to business partners. Why we invested in not only our brand; but also in business development for our Business Partners. Why we have extended our partnership beyond broking; to other wealth management products as well.

Since I personally started out as a Business Partner; this business is especially close to my heart. So when I get feedback from Business Partners; I really appreciate it and can relate to it. I really respect and admire the passion, attitude, hunger for growth, and longer term outlook and relationship management skills of our Business Partners and over the years many of my relationships with Business Partners have gone beyond just business to become strong personal bonds. Today this 'WIN-WIN' Business Partner model is our growth engine and an important differentiator in the market place. A model based that truly demonstrates 'Partnership in Practice'.

Why Azee business partner?

  • A person with good track record & reputation in financial services/other business/social circles with a good client base.
  • Minimum 2-3 years of experience in selling financial products as a broker/sub broker/Mutual fund Industries/Insurance advisor or an employee of existing Broker/Sub-broker.
  • Capacity to invest minimum Rs.5-10 lacs initially and ability to invest continuously in infrastructure & people.
  • Willingness to design office premises in accordance with the policies laid down by Azee Securities Pvt Ltd.
Account Statement

Brokerage Account Management Your account, the way you want it.

At, brokerage account management is simple, convenient and highly customizable, whether you're managing one or multiple accounts.


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Account Features:

Balance & Positions
Get a view of account balances and positions to know where you stand.

Custody Position
Track the securities & complete portfolio position.

History & Statements
Access your account history online with one click. You'll also get quick access to Statement of Account.

Daily Trade Watch
Receive trade confirmations electronically easy and affordable way to get day trade activity.

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