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Customer Care

Fund Transfers Request

You may either deposit your cheque or fund transfer through electronic via electronic / ATM in favour of Azee Securities (Pvt) Ltd Client A/C in below mentioned bank accounts through your nearest branch.

  • BANK AL-HABIB LTD (003569-01-6)
  • FAYSAL BANK LIMITED (01700060001668)
  • SUMMIT BANK LTD (1-2-5-20311-714-104471)
  • ALLIED BANK LTD (0632-0010001297110018)
  • HABIB BANK LIMITED A/C (0035-79000-58503)
  • UBL BANK LIMITED (201492884)
  • SONERI BANK LTD (02080054775)
  • BANK OF KHYBER (00123-00-8)
  • MEEZAN BANK LTD (0135-0101629888)
  • NIB BANK LTD (0068-15214481)
  • BANK ALFALAH LTD (01004756114)
  • ASKARI BANK LTD (1181650500835)
  • DUBAI ISLAMIC BANK (108-0200395002)
  • SINDH BANK LTD (03363660571000)
  • HABIB METRO BANK LTD (6-1-18-20311-714-13776)

After deposit or fund transfer, please email us the details of transaction immediately at support@azeetrade.com

  • In case of deposit cheque & deposit slip the scanned or photo copy is mandatory or in case of online Transfer/ ATM transaction details copy must be attached on the aforementioned email ID for compliance.
  • Please ensure that funds should be transferred from title account holder, third party (cheques and deposits) will not be entertained. All the clients are informed to ensure no Cash Deposits are allowed.

Fund Withdrawal Request

Send us an Email


Our account opening forms are available below for your convenience. All of our forms are PDFs. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hate Filling Forms?

We know that. Use our online account opening tool to open an account.

Account Opening Forms:

Trading Account Opening Form Individual

Trading Account Opening Form Corporate

Commodity Account Opening Form Individual

Know Your Customer- KYC Form Individual

Zakat Declaration Form for Muslims - CZ50

(To be made on Stamp Paper of Rs. 50/-)

Solemn Affirmation for Non- Muslims

(To be made on Stamp Paper of Rs. 50/-)

Affidavit for Mobile Number Provision for Family Members

(To be made on Stamp Paper of Rs. 100/-)

Affidavit for Dependents (housewife-house hold-student)

(To be made on Stamp Paper of Rs. 100/-)

Affidavit for Biometric Exception

(To be made on Stamp Paper of Rs. 100/-)

Account Modification Forms

Account Closure Form for Individuals

Change of Address Form for Individuals

Change of Email ID Form for Individuals

Change of Mobile Number Form for Individuals

Change of Bank A/C Details Form for Individuals

Share Transfer Form for Individuals

Policies & Procedures

Online Commission Structure

AML CFT Policy


Help us help you better.

Call us at +9221-111-293-293 or write to us at support@azeetrade.com
For specific queries related to your trading account write to us at support@azeetrade.com. If you are an existing customer, please mention your client code along with the details of your query. This will help us resolve your queries quickly.
AZEE Securities customer service desk strives to resolve any customer queries within 24 hours.